Broadway After Dark Linda Mackenzie
Posted On 31 Oct 2014
"Last, but not least, Rita Markova as ‘The Mute’ a.k.a. ‘The Wall’ leant a fun and yet functional element needed for the success of the whole performance."

Courier-Post ‘Broadway Live’ raises funds for JCC Camps
Courier-Post, Courier-Post staff, August 3, 2015
Broadway stars entertained a crowd of more than 600 at a June 1 benefit show at the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill. The show was produced by Ben Lipitz, a Cherry Hill native, former JCC camper and Broadway performer with credits in “The Lion King” and “The Producers.” Other performers included Blaine Krauss, Rita Markova and Jason Veasey.

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Catasauqua Press "Still ‘Fantasticks’ After All These Years"
Center on the Aisle, Kathryn Kitt, July 21, 2015
"Rita Markova as Luisa and Drew Seigla had lovely voices and acting. One could see how hard they were working with all of the intricate movements, but it did not show. Some of the most beautiful songs in the show, “Soon it’s Gonna Rain” and “They Were You” displayed wonderful technique and beautiful harmonizing."

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Catasauqua Press Christmas Viennese style at State Theatre, Easton
Wednesday, December 3, 2014 by DAWN NIXON Special to The Press in Focus
"Conductor Stephen Charpie directs the Hollywood Concert Orchestra, with soloists Rita Markova, Monique Pelletier, Michael Padgett and Mathew Wages. "The audience will really enjoy the show. It's very entertaining and many popular, recognizable selections are performed."

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The State Journal Hollywood Concert Orchestra presents holiday performance
By Jim Carroll/Grand Theatre Published: November 22, 2014 10:33PM
"The acclaimed vocalists are soprano Rita Markova, mezzo-soprano Monique Pelletier, tenor Michael Padgett and bass-baritone Matthew Wages. The orchestra consists of 11 violins, two violas, four cellos, two trumpets, two French horns, two trombones, two percussion instruments, and a double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and keyboards."

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Playbill Rita performs Johanna in Sweeney Todd at Portland Center Stage, casting and show details.
Johanna and Anthony

Rita Markova gets a commendation for singing some believable life into the character of Johanna, the cloistered daughter stolen by Judge Turpin. Johanna is a difficult role to play because she’s a damsel in distress archetype. Not only does Markova put a lovely sound to every soprano note, but she manages to instill a refreshing sexuality curiosity into the teenage girl.

         Lauren Hodgins, rtPanel, "PCS Presents Sweeney Todd", October 4, 2012

Here’s what I like about going to a Portland Center Stage show: the talent is incredible. When PCS puts on a musical, the singing talent eclipses a lot of the other companies in Portland.  Some singers of note were Louis Hobson (Anthony Hope) and Rita Markova (Johanna) as a pair.   Hobson and Markova, sang well together…  Perhaps it was the earnestness with which both Hobson and Markova did their acting, but all their songs together felt comfortable and strong.

Barrett Johnson, Broadway World, "Sweeney Todd: a Bloody Killer of a Show", October 9, 2012

As for Johanna, she is a lovely soprano, endearingly ditsy, played by Rita Markova. The tension is thick as we count down the minutes until she can escape.

Chrisi Krug, Kindling, “Horror on the Menu”, October 4, 2012

Rita Markova sings beautifully and with nice humor.
          Gigi Little, Ut omnia bene "A Night With Sweeney Todd", September 24, 2012.

Something for the Boys
Casting announced for Cole Porter's "Something for the Boys" at the Lion Theatre running May 1-13th in TheatreMania, NYTheatre and BroadwayWorld

The three Hart cousins, who have never met -- machinist Blossom (Lauren Elaine Taylor), con man Harry (Roger Rifkin), and revue singer Chiquita (Valerie Lynn Williams) find out from Lawyer Calhoun (Dan Debenport) that they have inherited property in Texas. However, the place is a wreck. They decide to convert it into a hotel for the wives and girl friends (Merissa Czyz, Daniella Dalli, Savannah Frazier, Amy Grass, Rita Markova) of the soldiers at the Army base next door.

Rita is nominated for the 2010 BroadwayWorld Philadelphia Awards for her role as Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof at the Walnut Street Theatre.

Mark Jacoby, winner of Outstanding Actor in a Musical, with his
Fiddler on the Roof co-stars (and fellow nomineeds)
Rita Markova and Nick Dalton

FIDDLER Leads Barrymore Award Nominations
Ceremony Set for 10/4

OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL: ...Rita Markova as Tzeitel - Fiddler on the Roof - Walnut Street Theatre...

'Fiddler' through the roof in Barrymore nominations
By Howard Shapiro

Two of the family's daughters and their beaus - played by Rita Markova... received supporting-player nominations...


"Tzeitel- a wonderful role played with great empathy by Rita Markova"

Henrik Eger, "From Shalom Aleichem and Chagall to the Fiddler on the Roof", All About Jewish Theatre

Sister Act
They are related on stage, but unrelated off, playing a Tzeitel and Chava who share different 'shtetls'
May 27, 2010 - Michael Elkin, Arts & Entertainment Editor

"Tzeitel and shtetl -- perfect together?... In a way, Tzeitel of Anatevka is an avatar for the actress, herself Ukraine-born... Which is also a pretty good description of how the actress with a number of off-Broadway and regional credits feels about standing on stage here as Tzeitel, a role seemingly tailored to her talents."
But for emotional impact, it was hard to beat the show's finale when scores of cast members from shows currently on Broadway marched down the aisles and onto the stage while singing "Sunday," the affecting closing number from "Sunday in the Park With George."

Theater Mania
Theater News
Prospect Theater Company Announces Cast for New Musical The Hidden Sky
By: Dan Bacalzo - Jan 8, 2010 - New York

Homer’s Odyssey
A Retelling by Simon Armitage
October 2009
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Bohmer, Lyng, Cox, Castle Bring Musical
Pride and Prejudice to Life in NYC Reading
By Kenneth Jones
10 Nov 2008

Style Weekly

'Broad Comedy: The dolls are essential to Barksdale's "Guys"'
David Timberline
July 7, 2008

It's the two leading dolls who fill <the show> with feeling — as well as push the plot.  Armed with an angelic voice, Markova adds a third dimension to what could be a simple goody-goody character.

"As far as Ms. Markova is concerned, well, I can't do much more than sigh at her exquisite beauty and admire the iridescence of her lovely voice. She is lovely and she has amazing skills. As I mention in my review, she breathes life into a potential two-dimensional role in "Guys and Dolls." In the Havana scene, it isn't all about Sky for her. Her increasing abandon isn't just a loss of inhibitions, it's a rediscovery of vitality, a sense of relief as she sheds the burden of her mission-related anxieties. She comes to life in that scene and she brightens up the stage when she does. Someone like Ms. Markova could land a role on Broadway or on a soap or even in movies."

Dave Timberline,, June 28, 2007
Weekend Pick
Classic With a Twist
'Into the Woods' plays well for Barksdale group.
Joan Tupponce,
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rita Markova is a standout as the always loveable Cinderella. Her voice is heavenly – light and easy – one that you could listen to for hours on end.

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Style Weekly

Uneasily Ever After
Wishes come true in Barksdale’s “Into the Woods” — but is that a good thing?
David Timberline
July 4, 2007

Rita Markova’s Cinderella is as sweet of disposition and pure of voice as any princess could hope to be.

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Dewy-eyed Rita Markova plays just the sweetest Cinderella around.
Photos by Jay Paul

"I could have watched Rita Markova all night; she is just lovely and extremely talented. I guess I have a thing about beautiful brunettes with knock-out voices."

Dave Timberline,, June 28, 2007

Barksdale Blog
Bruce Miller, Artistic Director of Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV
June 23, 2007

Rita Markova is absolutely magnificent as Cinderella. She's beautiful, and acts and moves with intelligence and assurance. But it's her voice, an exceptional lyric soprano, that simply knocks me off my feet.

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TimesDispatch TimesDispatch
A funny thing happened
Cinderella takes a stumble in 'Woods,' but there's nary a misstep in actress's career
Celia Wren, Special Correspondent
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Robin Arthur, who directed "Into the Woods" for Barksdale, raves about the assets Markova brings to the show. "She's beautiful; she has a glorious vocal quality that suits the music -- but beyond that, she brings such a wonderful character to Cinderella," creating a heroine who's "determined, warm, funny and immediately likeable," she said.

A 'Grimm' magic fills 'The Woods' In & Around
Margaret Lawrence, Star-Exponent Theatre Critic
Friday, July 27, 2007

Sondheim’s songs get solid treatment here, but the show-stopping voice of the evening belongs to Rita Markova as Cinderella. Hers is an "innocent beauty" appeal and she has a voice to match.

The Free Lance-Star
Beauty And The Beast

Rita Markova stars as Belle with Patrick A'Hearn as her Beast in Riverside Center's 'Disney's Beauty and the Beast.'
With epic-sets and a Broadway-caliber cast, Riverside's 'Beauty' is a winner
Margaret Lawrence

The classic beauty and voice of Belle are brought to life by Rita Markova, an actress who could as easily play Snow White, Cinderella, or any of the other Disney heroines distinguished for their purity and grace.
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Stafford County Sun  
Stafford County Sun
'Beauty and the Beast' performance delivers
Thursday, December 6, 2007

Markova sings several songs in her clear and melodious voice. The emotion and positive attitude shown in her singing is a highlight of the play.

Times Argus
Northern Stage's 'Cats' a spectacular feline fantasy show
Jim Lowe, Times Argus Staff
December 13, 2006

Perhaps the funniest scene in the show was an operatic contest, "Italian Aria," parodying the competition between leading sopranos and tenors. Rita Markova as Griddlebone and B.J. Scahill as Growltiger fought vocally and delightfully over the spotlight as they were supposed to be playing lovers. They both sing beautifully.

A Girl Named Maria
Arts Center of Coastal Carolina to open season with "West Side Story"
Marie McAden
Pink Magazine
September, 2006

For a dark-haired ingénue, landing the role of Maria in West Side Story undoubtedly qualifies as a career high point.

One of 30 actresses to go out for the part of Maria, Markova blew away director Casey Colgan at the New York auditions for the show.
"She was the first person to audition for the role and she set the bar for everyone else who walked in," said Colgan, who has directed numerous Arts Center musicals, including this summer's hit, Beehive. "She's a stunning young woman with an amazing voice."